This collection exemplifies the accomplishments of NASA astronauts in traversing the lunar surface and exploring outer space. Photos in this collection show the human element inherent in space exploration.

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Moon Description

NASA July 29, 1971, Mission timestamp: 079:13:57
Falcon on Perch

NASA July 29, 1971
Subsatellite Launch

NASA August 4, 1971, Mission Timestamp: 222:39:17
Parachute Collapse and Retrieval

NASA August 7, 1971, Mission timestamp: 295:11:18
EVA 3: Hammer and feather experiment

NASA August 2, 1971 (at 167:22 during mission)
Hadley Rille Valley

NASA July 31, 1971
Parachute Collapse

NASA August 7, 1971
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