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Apollo 15 Flight Data Files


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This collection is comprised of the Flight Data File (FDF) and the Lunar Module Cue Cards that were used by Commander David Scott during the Apollo 15 lunar mission that took place between July 26 and August 7, 1971. The complete FDF is composed of all of the official Flight Plan, checklists, cue cards, maps, and star charts carried aboard Apollo 15, and features handwritten notes made by the crew during the mission.

The Apollo 15 Flight Data File: Flight Plan Vol. 1 on Readux is missing pages 3-99 to 3-292. We are working to address this issue. An alternate version of the missing pages can be found on the NASA Apollo Flight Journal. The NASA Apollo Flight Journal was compiled by David Woods and given to NASA. As noted on the NASA Apollo Flight Journal page, all hand-written additions in the NASA Apollo Flight Journal copy of the Flight Plan were made by David Woods during the compilation of this Journal and largely represent the updates read to the crew during the flight.