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Apollo 15: Digital Exploration on the 50th Anniversary of the Mission - Virtual Exhibit

In this exhibition, Apollo 15: Digital Exploration on the 50th Anniversary of the Mission, you can walk the path of the Apollo 15 mission, guided by the primary source documents that will draw you into this particular point in social and technological history.

Instructions: To pause the experience, press the "esc" key while exploring the virtual space. To re-engage, press the "esc" key once again! Click on the gear icon to change the mouse speed. Hit the "Z" key to zoom in on the posters.

The optimal resolution for the Apollo 15 exhibit experience is between 1024x768 and 1920x1080px. Recommended memory footprint for a seamless experience would be at least 2GB RAM for the browser.


Apollo 15 50th Anniversary Panel

Apollo 15, 50th Anniversary Panel Filmed by the San Diego Air and Space Museum, July 31, 2021.

The Panel discussion focused on the unique organizational culture of the Apollo program, which was foundational to how and why Apollo 15 explored the Moon, its science objectives and achievements.

Panelists: Colonel David R. Scott (USAF Ret), Commander, Apollo 15. Gerald D. “Gerry” Griffin, Apollo 15 Lead Flight Director. James W. Head III, Professor Emeritus, Brown University.

Moderator: Justin Jampol. Founder and Executive Director of The Wende Museum of the Cold War in Culver City, CA.