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The Apollo 15 Learning Hub is a project under construction in the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship with Tracy Scott, senior lecturer in Emory University’s Department of Sociology and Director of Emory’s Quality Enhancement Plan. The project’s mission is to assemble, preserve, and make available primary source records of Apollo 15 for research, education, and preservation as an example of a unique human endeavor. The Apollo 15 Hub is being constructed to create a unique digital “learning hub” for education and research on aspects of the Apollo program of human exploration of the Moon. The Hub will off access to a digital archive of Apollo 15 onboard materials, an interactive 3D model of the Lunar Module, as well as links to reliable primary sources of Apollo history.

Aspects of this project include:

  • Educational Portal to guide users through the Apollo 15 primary sources to be launched in 2021.
  • Omeka based repository of Apollo 15 media sources, including images, documents, audio, and video to be launched in 2021.
  • Readux hosted collection of the Apollo 15 Flight Data Files, provided for digitization by Col. David Scott of the Apollo 15 mission.
  • Unity 3D explorer model of the Lunar Module.

Using the Readux application, the Flight Data Files from the Apollo 15 mission can be explored, and original notes by astronaut Commander David Scott can be examined. The Readux collection is comprised of the Flight Data File (FDF) and the Lunar Module Cue Cards that were used by Commander David Scott during the Apollo 15 lunar mission that took place between July 26 and August 7, 1971. The complete FDF is composed of all of the official Flight Plan, checklists, cue cards, maps, and star charts carried aboard Apollo 15, and features handwritten notes made by the crew during the mission.

Contact us at apollo15hub@gmail.com.